Making Delicious, Fully-Cooked Smoked Sausage for More than 50 Years.

The year was 1968, and in the small Mississippi town of Taylorsville, J.W. Bryant had a dream: a dream to start a family business that would produce the finest quality products available. Called Bryant's Meat, this company began as a processing plant for pork and beef. It wasn’t long before Bryant's Meat began making pure pork smoked sausages and selling them to grocers across Mississippi. Word of Bryant’s Meat's incredibly bold flavor and authentic quality quickly spread, and, soon enough, their sausages became available across the Southeastern United States.

Bryant’s Meat is built on tradition - beginning almost 50 years ago with J.W. Bryant and two employees. In 1973, J.W.’s son, Mike, joined the company as a salesman and distributor. Followed by Mike were J.W.’s son-in-law Robert Hunt, and then by Robert and Kaye’s son, Ryan. Today, Bryant’s Meat has 32 employees and makes several varieties of smoked sausages and hog head cheeses - shipping these products to customers across the country.

Since the company was founded, the Bryant family has been devoted to the time-honored tradition of hand-crafted, natural hickory smoked sausage with a special, unique formulation of spices that gives their products the authentic, bold Bryant’s taste. Bryant’s Meat is a USDA Inspected Plant with experience you can trust. Browse our products, and have them shipped directly to you!

Our Timeline

1968 - Bryant's Meats began as a processing plant for pork and beef. Sole owner: J.W. Bryant with 2 employees.

1972 - Bryant's began making pure pork smoked sausage and selling retail from the plant.

1973 - Mike Bryant, J.W.’s son, began working full time as salesman, and distributor.

1981 - Robert Hunt, J.W.’s son-in-law, started with the company. Bryant's had 8 employees at the time.

1986- J.W. retired, turning all company shares over to Mike and Robert.

1995 - Mike sold his shares to Robert - leaving Robert as sole owner.

2019 - Today, Bryant's has 32 employees and makes many varieties of smoked sausage and hog head cheese. Bryant's sells these products to retailers and distributors across the Southeast and sends them to individuals across the country.