Bryant’s Meat offers you a delicious product at a Value in these different varieties. Our Valley Farm Brand is made of Chicken, Pork and Beef which are highly seasoned and contain no MSG or Gluten. These items are very popular in the Pick 5 section offered to consumers of many retailers throughout the Southeast.

Valley Farm Fully Cooked Chicken/Pork/Beef - This is our mild blend of flavorful Hickory Smoked Sausage stuffed in a natural casing for the family meal.

Valley Farm Green Onion (Cajun) Fully Cooked Chicken/Pork/Beef - The Green Onion Cajun is our spicier blend with added Green Onions for an extra flavorful kick.

Valley Farm Beef Fully Cooked Chicken/Beef - The most popular item in this category is the Chicken/Beef product with no Pork and seasoned to please for your next cookout.

Valley Farm Fully Cooked Chicken/Beef Hot Dog - This chicken/beef blend hot dog is sure to fill your bun, while pleasing your taste buds.

Valley Farm Jumbo Hot Dog - These hot dogs are made of Chicken and Beef which gives a firm bite. Our six inch fits the bun, so Bryant’s Jumbo Hot Dogs will give you meat in every bite. It’s like going to the County fair! Bryant’sd Jumbo Hot Dogs are naturally slow smoked with Hickory Wood and our Southern spice that will make you want more. No MSG/Gluten.